Females’ Employment Security in The Industrial Zones: The Case of Vinh Phuc Province

This research aims to assess the current employment security of the female employees in Vinh Phuc's industrial zones through a number of affecting factors and make some policy-oriented implications to improve the employment security of the female laborers in this location.


The research approach was based on the Rational choice theory and Gender Equality Perspectives. The methods used in this research include: Secondary data collection; Questionnaires Survey of 240 employees, in-depth interviews with 20 employees, two representatives of 2 FDI enterprises and focus group discussions with 2 groups of employees in Khai Quang industrial zone.


The research used EFA analysis to access the impacts of factors such as Labor relations, Enterprise Work Policy, Marriage and Family, Access to Public services, Adaptation to Technology 4.0 and Response to Covid 19 on female’s employment security in Khai Quang industrial zones in Vinh Phuc province.


Publisher: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Author: Dr. Hoang Huong Giang, Dr. Phung Tuan Anh, MA.Tran Thi Thanh Tuyen

Date: 2021-06-28

Pages: 56

Download: EN

Hashtags: #Garment #FemaleWorker #VinhPhuc #IndustrialZone

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