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[Vietnamese only] Some Outstanding Issues of Vietnam in the First Nine Months & Policy Recommendations

800 copies of the book “Some outstanding issues of Vietnam in the first 9 months, and policy recommendations” have been printed and distributed to all National Assembly Members, and other relevant agencies in October and November 2020. The book provides NA members with overall picture of Vietnam situation in the first 9 months of 2020, with critical analysis and assessments from different perspectives. Learning from Dr. Nguyen Van Hien, president of ILS, the book has received positive feedbacks from many National Assembly members. Mr. Luu Binh Nhuong, one of NA member said that it is a valuable reference resource for him and other NA members.


Publisher: Uỷ ban thường vụ Quốc hội - Viện nghiên cứu Lập pháp

Date: 2020-03-12

Download: Một số vấn đề nổi bật của Việt Nam - 9 tháng đầu năm 2020 và khuyến nghị chính sách (tiếng Việt)

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