Political Analysis, Social Justice

Burning Earth, Changing Europe: How the racist right exploits the climate crisis and what we can do about it

In Europe today, more people than ever before are convinced that climate
change is a pressing political issue. This is not a win by default. People
anxious about ecological catastrophe are vulnerable to racist, xenophobic
and even fascist methods of addressing the climate crisis, especially as far
right and populist actors are occupying more and more positions of power
across Europe, emboldening racist violence in the streets.


Left and progressive movements must be more skilled in messaging,
more precise in forging political alliances, and more articulate in positioning
justice as a centerpiece of the climate struggle. The stakes are simply too
high. This booklet represents a toolkit in that project: a roadmap for identifying
what we must reject, how to counteract approaches adopted by the
right, and how to keep climate change a progressive issue.


Publisher: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Author: Hilary A. Moore

Date: 2020-05-08

Pages: 81

Download: Burning Earth, Changing Europe (En)

Hashtags: #ClimateCrisis #RacistRight

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