Migrants' Disability Rights and COVID-19

Social Justice, Vietnam | 01.11.2021

Migrants' Disability Rights and COVID-19

Although the impact of the Covid pandemic on people with disabilities has become the main concern of advocates for the rights of people with disabilities, there exists limited research on migrants with disabilities in big cities of Vietnam. Consequently, little is known about the fundamental barriers that greater influenced their existing challenges.

This study applied a qualitative approach to explore how 50 migrants with disabilities in Ho Chi Minh City, the biggest city in Vietnam and the most heavily affected by the pandemic. Data was obtained through an in-depth analysis of 50 responsive in-depth individual interviews. The study findings reveal the multiple-barrier causes of their vulnerability. This includes the participants’ limited knowledge of the disability-related law and policies, the lack of disability inclusion in COVID-19 response efforts, and difficulties in receiving social protection measures because of their temporary residence status.

Knowledge generated from this inquiry provides new insights into the barriers faced by migrants with disabilities in big cities and can inform disability-related programs and policies, especially in times of emergencies or crisis.

The Impact of the COVID Lockdown on the Rights of Migrants with Disabilities in Ho Chi Minh City

Authors: By Yen Vo and Trang Nguyen

Date: 2021-11-01

Pages: 27

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