Towards Vietnamese Feminist Judgments

Social Justice, Vietnam | 01.04.2024

Towards Vietnamese Feminist Judgments

The integration of feminist legal theory into judicial analysis is gaining momentum globally as this approach challenges the traditional perception of gender neutrality and objectivity within judicial practices. The new Book “Toward Vietnamese Feminist Judgments” looks into ways of how feminist perspectives can be incorporated into judicial proceedings in order to foster a more comprehensive and diverse outlook and enhancing the reasoning behind written judgements. It contains essays and comments covering several law areas, ranging from criminal and criminal procedural law, marriage law to labour law.

The book is a contribution to the project “Feminist Legal Theory in Vietnam” coordinated by the University of Economics and Law in Ho Chi Minh City and funded by Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung Hanoi Office. It is presented in Vietnamese and English and aims to engage Vietnamese readers while actively participating in the international debate as well as the global feminist judgment movement.


Publisher: Vietnam National University Ho Chi Minh Publishing House , Ho Chi Minh City

Editor: Trịnh Thục Hiền

Date: 2024

Pages: 375

ISBN: 9788-604-479-308-5

Download: Vietnamese and English version

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