[German only] Vietnam 2011 - A review

Socialism, Vietnam | 09.01.2012

[German only] Vietnam 2011 - A review

In this German language report the authors Nadja Charaby and Felix Münster summarise the developments in Vietnam during the last year.

The report covers the fields of internal socio-political development, foreign relations and economic challenges. The authors rely their own observations of discussions in Vietnamese politics and society, media reports as well as on their own conclusions, without claiming completeness about every single event. It focusses on the fields that are relevant for the work of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Vietnam; and does not claim to fully analyze the events in-depth, yet it wants to encourage readers to reflect the current development of the country, and seek further information in their areas of interest. The Representative Office of Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung in Hanoi welcomes any comments and questions related to this report.


Publisher: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Author: Nadja Charaby & Felix Münster

Date: 2012-01-09

Pages: 15

Download: Vietnam 2011 - A review (Ge)

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