Social-Ecological Practices in Vietnam

Social-Ecological Transformation, Vietnam | 01.11.2021

Social-Ecological Practices in Vietnam

This book is an experimental attempt to continue and deepen part of the research findings of C&E’s 2020 research on the Vietnamese youth ecological movement. It offers comprehensive descriptions of ecological-social-cultural practices in Vietnam. The initiatives have been centered in a variety of fields, including traditional crafts, zero-waste consumption, natural farming, community space, and fashion design. Despite the particularities and dynamics, they intersect at the discourses and practices of environmental protection, civic engagement, and cultural preservation. In other words, their founders put emphasis on ecological impact, social and cultural responsibilities in their operation strategies.

The narratives presented here reveal that the potential of the social-ecological transformation in Vietnam is remarkable. We hope that there will be more research, together with other supporting projects to gradually shape the form of social-ecological transformation in Vietnam, both in theory and in practice.

Vietnamese Social-Ecological Practices: Human and Non-human Entanglement in Times of Change

Implementation: Center for Development of Community Initiatives and Environment (C&E)

Author: Pham Duc Trung and Nguyen Thi Minh Hang

Editor: Hoang Hong Hanh, Hoang Thanh Tam and Bui Thi Thanh Thuy

Date: November 2021

Pages: 101

Download: English version

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