The Library

Vietnam | 28.11.2020

The Library

Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Library is run by the ​Rosa Luxemburg Stiftung Office in Southeast Asia, Hanoi Office (RLS SEA)​.

The RLS SEA Library is an office-personal library of ​700 hundred political education books and materials​. Anyone is invited to visit us for reading and discussion at:


  • -  Address: ​8C, 76 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho District

  • -  Open hours: ​9am - 17pm Wed & Sat​ (message us before coming).


  • What books does the library have?

    The Library has books and a number of NGO materials on various social and political topics, a significant of which produced by partners of RLS SEA’s partner projects, from law, governance, to climate change and energy - all available for public access.


  • Why does RLS open this library?

    By opening this Library, RLS hopes to contribute to public awareness and knowledge of contemporary social and political issues for Vietnamese citizens and those interested in such topics.


  • Who is the library for?

    Everyone is welcomed at our library for reading, book borrowing/exchange, and discussion, especially young people.

    We also wish to partner with like-minded libraries and those who wish to contribute to political education, such as Cái Giếng (The Well) library. We welcome any amount of book donations and opportunities to host joint political education activities.


For rules and memberships


If you have any further inquiries, contact us at our fan-page on Facebook: @rosaluxhanoi



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