The Conscience of Clothing

Cambodia, Social Justice | 06.08.2020

The Conscience of Clothing

is a documentary film project by independent filmmaker Patrick Kohl.


What does „making fashion“ mean to the people producing our clothes and accessories? Fashion-Blogger Willy Iffland and journalist Helen Fares visit diverse actors in different positions in the industry to get intimate and honest insights.


It’s a roadtrip about honest encounters and a progressive personal development story, translated through permanent reflexion of our two protagonists Helen Fares and Willy Iffland – taking a deep dive into the heart of Cambodia’s garment industry.


Inspired by welcoming encounters with locals, THE CONSCIENCE OF CLOTHING is an authentic snapshot of an industry that accounts for the livelihood and everyday reality of roughly a fifth of the country’s population.


Our topics are working conditions, fair wages, education, road safety and general life in Cambodia – but we’re building strong bridges to western civilisation „Zeitgeist“ topics such as egoism, consumption in real life capitalism (fueled by fast fashion), intersectional feminism and sustainability in the modern world.


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Publisher: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Filmmaker: Patrick Kohl

Date: 2020-08-06

Hashtags: #fairfashion

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