A Window of Opportunity for Leftist Politics?

Germany, Social Justice | 08.06.2020

A Window of Opportunity for Leftist Politics?

Our goal in this text is not to make any assessments about virology or epidemiology. There are more than enough of those at the moment and we do not claim to be specialists in those fields. Like many others, we are trying to get our bearings in the whirlwind of information, and we invest our trust in the Robert Koch Institute more than in the cooked-up opinions of loudmouth know-it-alls. We are not of the opinion that the German federal and state governments are actors who have simply been waiting to impose authoritarian measures.


Nevertheless, we do believe that there are a number of problems with the federal and state actions. These include miscalculating the development of the epidemic; failing to prepare for it by having the health care system be subject to the pressures of costs and profits for many years already; showing an indecisive attitude towards the demands of caregivers as well as demonstrating a number of inconsistencies with the aid packages; and then there’s the police assaults in ensuring distancing rules.

Our goal in this text is to address the specific situation of the left amidst the crisis and to show how we can be proactive within it.


The following were involved in the discussions and the creation of this text: Harry Adler, Lia Becker, Anastasia Blinzow, Lutz Brangsch, Michael Brie, Mario Candeias (coordination and editing), Judith Dellheim, Alex Demirović, Julia Dück, Barbara Fried, Cornelia Hildebrandt, Horst Kahrs, Dieter Klein, Boris Kanzleiter, Michaela Klingberg, Katharina Pühl, Rainer Rilling, Thomas Sablowski, Hannah Schurian, Ingar Solty, Anne Steckner, Fanni Stolz, Felix Syrovatka, Stefan Thimmel, Moritz Warnke, Fanny Zeise. Not everyone supports every statement in this text. The Institute for Critical Social Analysis is part of the Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung.


Publisher: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Date: 2020-06-08

Pages: 45

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