Climate Change Threatens Children Worldwide

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Climate Change Threatens Children Worldwide

According to a UN report from last week’s Wednesday, the world struggles to protect children from the impact of climate change, as well as from threats caused by processed fast food, alcohol, tobacco and sugary drinks. reports that a commission of child and adolescent health experts have declared that the next generation won’t get enough protection from the impacts of carbon emissions, not even within? one single country. Adequate measures, to protect children from destruction of nature and processed foods, are not taken either. Helen Clark, a co-chair of the commission has revealed: “But even of greater concern, every child worldwide faces existential threats from climate change and commercial pressures.”


The report also comprises a new global index of 180 countries, and expounds that measures were taken concerning survival, education, health and sustainability. If global warming surpasses 4 degrees Celsius by the year 2100, according to climate projections, this would have a massive impact on children’s health condition, due to rising ocean levels, tropical diseases and heatwaves. Children in the Global North, like Norway or the Netherlands, have relatively good perspectives for their well-being and survival, whereas children in the Global South, like Central African Republic or Somalia, are facing huge hazards. As Minister Awa CollSeck from Senegal, Co-Chair of the commission, states: “While some of the poorest countries have among the lowest Co2 emissions, many are exposed to the harshest impacts of rapidly changing climate”.


In conclusion, the world community urgently has to reduce Co2 emissions for a sustainable future for children of the upcoming generation. International dialogue and collaboration and concrete policy changes for a transition of green policy are measures that have to be taken as soon as possible.  The Global North have the responsibility to support the Global South to prevent hazards from children.



Publisher: Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung

Author: Carlo Bierbaum

Date: 2019-08-19

Pages: 2

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